Since 1952 Eckel Noise Control Technologies.has done thousands of projects providing sound solutions to noise problems. 

From industrial noise control enclosures to anechoic chambers and architectural acoustic panels, Eckel's products and systems have been incorporated in projects by different industries and applications throughout the world. 

The current projects focus primarily on recent acoustic test facility projects.  Future projects will include features on noise control panels and enclosures.


The following list is a representative sample of our projects.

Orfield Labs

Guiness World Record holder for quietest place on earth!

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Arctic Cat

Hemi anechoic sound chamber designed, engineered and installed by Eckel Industries, Inc. at the Arctic Cat NVH Facility utilizes the EMW (Eckel Metallic Wedge) design.

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Hemi-anechoic chamber, which is be used for testing our VPV Whisper Pumps, as well as small power units and other BOSCH products

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Coney Island Water Treament Plant

Sound absorbing panels “Functional Absorbers” to reduce background noise and reverberation in the engine generator pump room and the blower room.

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Storage Technology

Hemi-Anechoic Chamber allowing accurate evaluation of the noise characteristics of its disk drives, tape drives, printers, and other devices



Hemi-Anechoic chamber integrated into the Acoustic Testing Facility raises plant capability.

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Roush’s high performance Hemi-Anechoic chamber provides the controlled acoustic environment for their services.

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Health and Welfare Canada

Anechoic Chamber dedicated to research that will help to protect Canadians from the harmful effects of noise.

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Canadian Government

Anechoic Chamber uses include setting standards for electrical equipment, including acoustic speakers and various electrical apparatus.

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Major Communication Manufacturer

Anechoic Chamber performs acoustic tests on digital assemblies being developed by their acoustics laboratory.

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Eckel Metallic Wedge

EMCW Anechoic Chamber is used to test hydraulic pumps. 

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