EMPs effectively isolate personnel from noisy machinery and equipment, which can provide for a safer, more productive, OSHA compliant work environment.

EMPs offer a viable, reasonably priced method of quieting the industrial environment. They can be used as machinery enclosures to reduce noise levels around existing in-plant machinery.

Similarly, EMPs can be incorporated by manufacturers as part of an OEM "silencing" package for new machinery, eliminating the manufacturer's need for extensive, costly machinery redesign.


It is common to employ the panels to construct sound conditioned in-plant offices and control rooms. Such enclosures allow personnel to work in a comforatble acoustical environment.  Personnel fatigue is lessened, accidents reduced, and communications improved.

Outdoor application include EMP barriers at water pumping stations, transformers, around various mechanical equipment and throughout transportation corridors.

Punch Press

Noise Levels from punch presses can be reduced to less than 85dBA with the rugged EMP enclosures. This type of noise control treatment has proven especially efficient for high speed units - both new equipment and in place units. All types of automatic punch presses, from 30 tons to over 600 tons can be readily enclosed within the panels.

Cold Headers, Formers, and Bolt Makers

Until the introduction of EMP enclosures, noise problems created by cold headers had been extremely difficult to solve. EMP enclosures efficiently and effectively reduce noise levels at the operator’s station from levels in excess of 110 dBA to 81dBA.

Wire Hose Braiding

Given the fact that wire hose braiding equipment machines can sometimes have one, two, or three stations, the EMPs modular design accommodates for the standard spacing of the spinning decks. These enclosures are sized from 7 ft. wide up to 20 ft. long.

Control Rooms

EMPs provide a superior system for constructing rooms to protect personnel from excessive noise. The modular aspects of the system allow any size requirement to be met. Lights, ventilation, electrical power, doors, and windows are incorporated.

In-Plant Offices

A work station on the factory floor can be quickly created with the EMP system, allowing personnel to function unhampered by noise problems. Noise and dust proof construction allow production offices to be adjacent to the production area.