Applied Solutions

Eckel offers a wide range of standard and custom made studios, newsrooms, translation booths, etc.

All combine performance coupled with versatile design and economy.

Broadcast Studios

Studios for the Broadcast & Communications Industry

Featuring the Eckel Cam-Locking, demountable panel system

Standard design or custom engineering, we're ready to help you create your ideal studio setting.

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Correctional Institutions and High Security Facilities

Eckoustic® Functional Panels (EFPs)

Type HD EFPs - acoustic panels for reducing background noise and reverberation.


Eckoustic® Correctional Panels (ECPs)

Extremely rugged 2" thick flat sound absorbing panels with special security fastening system.


Eckoustic® Scurity Ceiling Panel System (ESC)

Continuous acoustic treatment with extra strong 2" thick acoustic panels.


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Custom Enclosures

—-Eckel EMPs are OSHA Effective!—-

Eckel EMP Modular Panel Systems & Enclosures Provide the Ideal Solution for Isolating & Reducing Noise from Machinery and Equipment


We Offer Industrial, Test and Research Enclosures.

A quieter workplace in manufacturing, processing plants, machine shops, industrial facilities and commercial operations can improve worker morale & productivity, lessen fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Worker fatigue is lessened, personnel safety is improved; productivity is enhanced! Quite simple.

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TEC© Damping Sheet

Quieter Industrial Machinery and Office Equipment

The cost-effective acoustic material for vibration damping & noise reduction... in existing or new products.

The TEC© Damping Sheet - a pressure-sensitive, asphaltic-based material - offers a practical means of acoustic and vibration control... effective noise abatement of radiating metal surfaces, wherever it is needed for protection of personnel, without interference in production operations.

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