Eckel Acoustic Lay-In Panels (ALPs) provide a convenient, attractive and economical system to increase the acoustical performance of any room via it's ceiling. Ideal for special purpose applications requiring maximum ceiling sound absorption, ALPs greatly improve the acoustical environment in rooms with marginal lay-in acoustic ceilings. .





ALP panels provide a comprehensive solution for rooms with noise and reverberation problems. The peforated metal ceiling panels faces allow for maximum noise reduction. Perfect for any room with a 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' lay-in ceiling requiring added sound absorption. Noisy rooms often can be corrected by replacing as little as one third of the existing ceiling panels with Eckel ALPs.




Modern Design

Not only do ALPs improve room acoustics, they also enhance the aesthetics ceiling with their unique textured surface and sleek, modern design. Alps are fabricated from specially textured and embossed perforated steel or aluminum. The catalyst activated polyurethane enamel finish provides a cloth like finish.

A = After; NRC = 0.60
B = Before; NRC = 0.30
Calculated data is based on an acoustical ceiling which has been painted and the average noise reduction has been reduced to the levels indicated by the plot line "B".

In Cafeterias and other similar rooms, treatment should include wall absorption as provided by Textured Functional Panels(TFPs) or Eckoustic Functional Panels(EFPs).

The Panels offer 99+ sound absorption (1.10 NRC) and have been tested per ASTM for fire safety.

Tested at Cedar Knolls Acoustical Laboratories. Results available upon request.

Mounting Detail Drawings

ALPs 23"x23" Face Dim 2'x2' Grid

ALPs 23"x47" Face Dim 2'x4' Grid

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